Recreational Coaches Responsibilties

ALL Coach’s Responsibilities:

• Read and follow the League

Rules & Regulations.

• Silent Day. Educate players and fans about the Silent Day game via email and the day of the game for those that are not in the email chain

.• Game Day. Both the home and away coach is responsible for confirming each game time, field location, field directions, and jersey color with the opposing coach. See Rules & Regulations.

• Game Scores. Both coaches are responsible for reporting game scores within 48 hours of completion of the game. (on bottom of page)

• Coach contacts are not available to the public. Club reps will be sent info on how to access the contact list and the reps will forward the info to their coaches.

• Questions/Concerns. Contact your club administration if you have any questions or problems during the season.

Game Confirmation and Cancellation Procedures

Game Confirmation Phone Calls
Every game is to be confirmed by the coaches via phone, not email or text. The away team coach is responsible for calling the home team coach at least 48 hours before game time. However, the home team coach can initiate the phone call.
Confirm the following information
Field location
Ref/s scheduled
Uniform color (the home team has pennies to wear if the visiting team has the same color jersey)
Swap cell numbers in case needed.

GAME CANCELLATION PROCEDURE:  Games are canceled by HOME TEAM only. Reasons for cancellations are limited to the field playing conditions, and weather conditions that relate to player safety.

  • Opposing coaches should have phone contact each week at least 24 hours before game time.
  • Games must be canceled at least 2 hours prior to game time.
  • The home team must contact the referee assignor and/or referee to inform them of the cancellation and contact the assignor to get a referee for the rescheduled game.
  • Any referee not contacted for cancellation and shows up for the game must be paid regardless if the game is played.
  • Once the teams show up on the field the decision to cancel or to play the game will be determined by the referee on the field.
  • The home team is responsible for rescheduling the game with the visiting team at a mutually agreed-upon time.​​

LIGHTNING / THUNDER (Practice or Games)
When should the activity be resumed?  The play should resume 30 mins after the LAST thunder/lightning witnessed.
Any large structured building will make a good shelter. If a building is not available, a vehicle with closed windows will provide good protection.

HOME Team Coach Responsibilities• Supply game ball and referee.• Wear pinnies or alternate jerseys in case of an opponent of the same color.• Decide 2 hours before game time if a game will be played on a rainy day.• If a game is canceled, the home team coach is responsible for notifying the referee.

Coach Mobility• Coaches’ mobility will be restricted from the halfway line to approximately the 25-yard line on their own half without switching at halftime.• All team coaches must be on the same side of the field as their team.• No more than 3 coaches on the team side of the field.• Coaches are to be on one side of the field and fans on the other side.

Report Carded Player Coaches from both teams are to report any player or players that receive a red or yellow card using the on-line form. If there is a loss of game penalty, the commissioner will be responsible for notifying the coach of the next game and the coach’s club rep or president.  The report should be submitted to the commissioner within 48 hours after the game.

Romp Guidelines

In the spirit of sportsmanship, no team should run up the score on another team and humiliate them. Thus, in matches in which the score differential reaches FIVE, in the most discrete way possible, the leading team must take appropriate measures to try to make the game more competitive.— Coaches are reminded that implementation of the Romp Recommendation should be done discreetly.

Make-Up Games
• If a game is canceled due to weather or any other reason, coaches should attempt to make up the game prior to the end of the season (usually a weeknight).
• While it is not mandatory, it is recommended that the game be re-scheduled in order to give each team its normal number of games and to create fairer tournament brackets.



Thank you for volunteering your time to be a coach for PVYSA.

Please review and complete the requirements found HERE prior to the first game of the season.

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